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The Little Miss Fashionista Contest

The Little Miss Fashionista Contest is not just about being pretty; you must have originality and style. The contestant must take a picture representing the M-Agency fashion theme for the year which is "Preventing Fashion Crimes against Humanity".

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M-Agency Summer Fashion Week

At M-Agency Summer Fashion Week, little fashionistas in training will learn how to start their own trends and walk the runway. The week also includes a mini Fashion Photo Shoot. For more pricing and information fill out the form below.

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About Us

Fashion Coach

When it comes to beauty pageants, dance competitions, acting auditions etc. in the entertainment industry, a child or teen’s style can be a deal maker or a deal breaker. Few parents consider or appreciate the expertise of a fashion coach. They strictly rely on trial-and-error approaches which may hinder their child’s career opportunities. The Mahogany Agency coaches girls ages 5-14 in the art of fashion etiquette. Our clients are talented in different areas of the arts but need direction in the area of fashion & style.

Fashion Coaching Services

Wardrobe Rehab

Allow me to rehabilitate your child or teen's closet with pieces you would have never thought to put together. Learn how to remix the old pieces with the new. Ask about our combined Wardrobe Rehab and our Shopping Excursion.

Image Remix

This two hour fashion consultation with both mother and daughter will cover style, trends, and fashion etiquette in the client’s specific industry. After the consultation, my clients receive an Individualized Style Mastery Checklist.

Personal Shopping Excursion

The Personal Shopping Excursion trip is a fully mapped out day of boutiques and specialty stores. I pre-shop ahead of time pulling clothes and setting up dressing rooms so that all you need to do is show up.

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